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He’ll be reading from Carsick and you’ll get a free book for him to sign!

John Waters Town Hall
Green Apple Books on the Park
1231 9th Ave at Lincoln in SF
Wednesday, May 20, 7:30-10:00 PM

About the book…

His “hobo-homo journey” presents a long string of best- and worst-case scenarios for the trip he’s planning to take.

OK, let’s see best-case…

In one of his best-case scenarios, he’s picked up while hitchhiking by Johnny Davenport, his favorite porn film star. In another, he joins a hipster carnival that features a “Meat Wheel, where you spin and, if you’re lucky, win a pork butt.” In yet another, he has sex with an alien and winds up with a magic rectum, and his rectum sings a duet with Connie Francis.

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