I’m almost out of my FREE BOOK! It’s a quick read for fans of Chuck Palahniuk, Hunter S. Thompson, Mark Leyner, Charles Bukowski, and other purveyors of Bizarro Fiction… A foul-mouthed fable about a messed-up superhero and his search for love, revenge, and a good cup of coffee…

“A fever dream with the kinds of people you’d only meet while battling pneumonia in the hospital…” –Scott Coblio, writer/director of Murderess: the Winnie Ruth Judd Story

Solomon starts his first session of anger management with a simple confession: “My marriage counselor says I should grow some balls.” Less than 24 hours later, he finds himself mired in a dark underworld of crime, violence, and ill-advised self-improvement.

“Hilarious chaos verging on the sublime… The laughs are spring-loaded, and Lucas’s voice is sharp and distinct.”

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