It was the cutest morning ever in Cheery Valley. Butterfly, Bunny and Kitten were cuddled together under the rainbow for Unicorn’s first birthday party.

“I hope she’s surprised,” said Butterfly.
“It’s going to be her best birthday ever,” said Bunny.
“Balls,” said Kitten, for Kitten had Tourette’s.

Even considering Kitten’s condition, they knew it was going to be a lovely party under the rainbow. They each had brought something special.

“I brought a pretty piece of ribbon for her to tie on her tail,” said Butterfly.
“I brought ice cream,” said Bunny, “and homemade sprinkles!”
“Nigga, please,” said Kitten.
“Kitten!” the others shouted, and blew him kisses to make him feel better.

Kitten was responsible for bringing the present. It was a small box, for he could only manage small things, being a kitten. He had wrapped it himself with pages from a magazine he swiped from a corner store. There were Ladyhumans all over it, with their furry parts showing.

“I wonder where their clothes are,” Butterfly said.
“Look, the Manhuman is trying to poke them with his magic wand,” said Bunny.
Kitten tried to say something but he just coughed, for he was working up a hairball.

Then they heard it: the jingly, tingly sound of Unicorn prancing their way. They ducked under the rainbow. They knew Unicorn would be coming by. She always ran to the rainbow every morning to pee.

“Surprise!” shouted Butterfly.
“Happy birthday!” shouted Bunny.
“Ack!” shouted Kitten, depositing a shiny, wet hairball at Unicorn’s feet.

“For me?” said Unicorn. She was delighted. But she also had to pee. She squatted daintily and puffed out a mist of sparkles.

“I got a ribbon for your tail,” said Butterfly.
“Thank you,” said Unicorn, “but let’s wait ’til after I poop to put it on.”
“And we have ice cream!” Bunny said.
“Bitch shat you some sprinkles,” Kitten said.
“Kitten!” they all shouted, and laughed, for it was the cutest morning ever in Cheery Valley.

In a while the screaming would begin, as the Dragons appeared overhead, burning everyone alive in the hunt for a tasty breakfast. But until then, the four friends sat under the rainbow, enjoying their ice cream. Even the sprinkles.