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A quick read, going fast…


I’m almost out of my FREE BOOK! It’s a quick read for fans of Chuck Palahniuk, Hunter S. Thompson, Mark Leyner, Charles Bukowski, and other purveyors of Bizarro Fiction… A foul-mouthed fable about a messed-up superhero and his search for love, revenge, and a good cup of coffee…

“A fever dream with the kinds of people you’d only meet while battling pneumonia in the hospital…” –Scott Coblio, writer/director of Murderess: the Winnie Ruth Judd Story

Solomon starts his first session of anger management with a simple confession: “My marriage counselor says I should grow some balls.” Less than 24 hours later, he finds himself mired in a dark underworld of crime, violence, and ill-advised self-improvement.

“Hilarious chaos verging on the sublime… The laughs are spring-loaded, and Lucas’s voice is sharp and distinct.”

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A secret story…


Exclusively for members of the TEAM HAVOC mailing list: Echo Forever, the short story that became Generation Havoc. It all started here, in an abandoned skyscraper in flooded downtown San Francisco, where a young woman named Echo tries to piece together what happened when the world went dark. Sign up now to get your free copy!

Take the free chapter challenge


The first book in the Generation Havoc series is now available on Amazon! Early reviews are starting to come in…

stars_Amazon_5  stars-Goodreads_4

Funny and compelling… Captivating characters… Difficult to put down… A joy to read… I can’t wait for the sequel…

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Hump day hulabaloo


Hey there! Guess what? If you join Team Havoc you get the first chapter of Escape to Ash Island for free. It’s a good way to see if this is your kind of book. Like one Goodreads reviewer said, “I’m not much of a YA reader, however, I have been pleasantly surprised.” So please yourself on hump day! (Yeah, I said that.) Just click to sign up!

License to write sh*t, courtesy of Ernest Hemingway!

If you read, chances are at some point in your life you’ve wanted to write. Maybe the memoirs of your cat (please don’t) or a vampire romance (god no) or something tasteful, like the romantic memoirs of your vampire cat (now we’re talking!).

Maybe you started writing it. Maybe even got to page two. Or maybe it’s done and you’ve published it and Hollywood has optioned it with Scarlett Johansson to play your sexy vampire cat and Liam Neeson’s people called and he wants the leading man role but only if he can punch the cat and…

Oddly enough, writing is the easy part, it’s the reading it back that kills. Because when you read it, it sucks. So you give up and throw it away and probably blame your not-really-a-vampire cat. But not so fast…

Hemingway said, “All first drafts are shit.” He should know, he wrote gobs of books, most of them pretty damn good. And they all started as shitty first drafts. So go ahead, give yourself license to write shit. In fact, here’s a license for you to download:


Right-click & download image

Just print it out, fill in your info and sign it. And from now on, anytime you write something and say “this is shit,” you’ll know you have Hemingway’s blessing.

Free ticket to John Waters!


Yep, got 1 free ticket for a lucky winner, just subscribe to my blog to enter!

He’ll be reading from Carsick and you’ll get a free book for him to sign!

John Waters Town Hall
Green Apple Books on the Park
1231 9th Ave at Lincoln in SF
Wednesday, May 20, 7:30-10:00 PM

About the book…

His “hobo-homo journey” presents a long string of best- and worst-case scenarios for the trip he’s planning to take.

OK, let’s see best-case…

In one of his best-case scenarios, he’s picked up while hitchhiking by Johnny Davenport, his favorite porn film star. In another, he joins a hipster carnival that features a “Meat Wheel, where you spin and, if you’re lucky, win a pork butt.” In yet another, he has sex with an alien and winds up with a magic rectum, and his rectum sings a duet with Connie Francis.

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