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★ ★ ★ ★ “An entertaining read about friendship and the survival of hope, set in a vividly imagined world.” -Examiner.com

“Wonder, humor, and terrorizing fantasy creatures. A really enjoyable read, really well done!” -Writership 

Welcome to Saharizona, the “poison sands” spoken of in the forbidden Prophecy Song, where only the strange survive. Gigantulas and cowyotes, buffalopes and attactus, biker gangs and Chinese cowboys…

So when Cash and his friends set out in search of a mythical island in Calitopia, they know their chances are slim. What they don’t know is someone is following them. Something. The Red Enforcer – half man, half machine, no mercy. Determined to stop them and put an end to the Prophecy once and for all.

And as the relentless cyborg closes in, Cash is required to pit friendship against fate. But how can you choose between saving your friends or saving the future?

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Exclusively for members of the TEAM HAVOC mailing list: Echo Forever, the short story that became Generation Havoc. It all started here, in an abandoned skyscraper in flooded downtown San Francisco, where a young woman named Echo tries to piece together what happened when the world went dark. Sign up now to get your free copy!

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The first book in the Generation Havoc series is now available on Amazon! Early reviews are starting to come in…

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Funny and compelling… Captivating characters… Difficult to put down… A joy to read… I can’t wait for the sequel…

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Havoc drops June 14!


At long last, I am proud to report: my first novel is about to be published!
Generation Havoc book 1, Escape to Ash Island, debuts June 14 on Amazon!

Once upon a time, a hundred years from now,
When the city of San Francisco is covered with water,
A young inventor named Cash will travel to a mythical island…

Generation Havoc is a futuristic series that follows six young heroes as they struggle to break the Shroud’s stranglehold over what was once America, as foretold in the forbidden Prophecy Song…

After humankind cloud the up-sky
And bittercolder waters warm
Three deadsons down the line
A leader slavish will be born

Book one, Escape to Ash Island, starts 100 years from now at a slave labor factory in Saharizona, where a wild-eyed, wild-haired young inventor named Cash hears about a mythical island far across the Poison Desert. He plans a daring escape with a diverse team of outcasts — Octavio, Scrounger, Huizi and Big Eddy — and soon they find themselves caught up in the mysteries of the Prophecy coming true. But the Shroud’s protector, a half-human, half-mechanical menace known as the Red Enforcer, is determined to stop them, and put an end to the Prophecy once and for all.

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J.H. Lucas has been hooked on writing since he was a kid, when he created a comic book about a team of intergalactic superheroes who saved the universe. For more about the author, click here.